Fun Places in Ithaca:

Felicia’s Atomic Lounge – Where George takes the waters

Gimme Coffee

The Hangar Theatre

The Kitchen Theatre Company, Ithaca, NY

Maxie’s Supper Club

CObP Design – Great graphic and web design

Playwright’s Resources:

American Theatre Web

Copyright Office – US Library of Congress

Doolee Playwright & Play Data Base

Drama Book Shop

Drama Workshop

Dramatist Guild

Gay Theatre Exchange International


Playscripts, Inc.

Playwrights on the Net

Playwrights on the Web

Script Registration at Writers Guild of America East

Theatre Communications Group

Writers Guild of America East

Writers Guild of America West

Curtain Rising – List of 1000’s of theatres both US and around the world

The Purple Circuit -- the premiere resource guide to les/bi/gay/trans/queer theatre

Theatre Central

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